Things to read

January 2023

What an atmospheric river and a wonky drain pipe can teach us about the future.

December 2022

An update

November 2022

A links letter about the breakdown, the upswing and the wild ride ahead.
The Third ErrorListen now (28 min) | All is not lost. Seeing the future as full of possibility is seeing it clearly.

October 2022

The Brittleness Bubble StrainsListen now (21 min) | What if the damage Hurricane Ian has wreaked on Florida's communities and economy is only the beginning?

September 2022

Tomorrow is the last day to register for A Crash Course in Personal Ruggedization.

August 2022

Announcing "A Crash Course in Personal Ruggedization," starting September 8th. You're going to want to check this out.
A Crash Course in Personal RuggedizationListen now | Announcing my new class, beginning September 8th.

July 2022

Let Slip the Dogs of Planetary RealismListen now (15 min) | Climate is not an issue, but an era — one whose central conflict is speed. Until we center the Politics of Tempo, useful…
Optimism vs. the ApocalypseListen now (16 min) | There's a future to be won. Understanding the scale of our achievable successes is the key to winning it.
The New Ruggedization Calculus: Build or Burn.Listen now (23 min) | The Brittleness Bubble is beginning to burst, and it's revealing some rough truths about the choices in front of us.