Tomorrow is the last day to register for A Crash Course in Personal Ruggedization.
Announcing "A Crash Course in Personal Ruggedization," starting September 8th. You're going to want to check this out.
A Crash Course in Personal RuggedizationListen now | Announcing my new class, beginning September 8th.
Let Slip the Dogs of Planetary RealismListen now (15 min) | Climate is not an issue, but an era — one whose central conflict is speed. Until we center the Politics of Tempo, useful…
Optimism vs. the ApocalypseListen now (16 min) | There's a future to be won. Understanding the scale of our achievable successes is the key to winning it.
The New Ruggedization Calculus: Build or Burn.Listen now (23 min) | The Brittleness Bubble is beginning to burst, and it's revealing some rough truths about the choices in front of us.
Collective agreement on climate strategy is no longer the priority.Listen now (15 min) | Free you mind, and your ass will follow: climate action edition.
The Politics of a New EraListen now (18 min) | Conflicts over who can act and how fast are defining the political landscape ahead of us.
The first step is thinking more strategically about the planetary crisis is, apparently, sending out the correct URL.
Out there in the foggy, uncertain landscape.Listen now (32 min) | It's time for braver and more innovative conversations about what it means to live in the era of planetary crisis.
Foresighted strategy in the real world, which is to say a weird world full of discontinuity, deception, and opaque transformations.
Why updating the way we look at the world is so critical now, and so hard, and how we can get better at doing it.