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This is a wild time.

We are being swept along in vast transformations of the natural world, overturning long-held assumptions about how the human world works and what lies ahead for us. This discontinuity challenges us to admit that we’re certain about a lot less than we pretend we are, can confidently predict much less than we thought we could, and know less about how to succeed now than we should. This is a time for exploration.

I want to share with you stories from of my own explorations.

After 30 years on the forefront of the planetary crisis—as an environmental journalist, the editor of the breakthrough sustainability publication Worldchanging, the creator of four books, and a climate futurist and advisor to over 100 institutions and companies—I’ve learned a lot about how to think at planetary scales.

Now I’m spending time relearning what I thought I knew, turning the insights I’ve gained from decades in the field towards the very edge of what we know about the world we now live in, and the new era that’s redefining it. These riffs and rants and notes and short essays bring you the best of what I’ve found so far.

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I look forward to taking this trip with you.

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Planetary foresight. Disruptive Sustainability. Rapid Ruggedization. Discontinuity Strategies. Writer: The Snap Forward (forthcoming); Carbon Zero; Worldchanging. Keynote speaker and consultant.