The planetary crisis and your career: 12 key insights.
Smart choices about where and how you live are the key to surviving and thriving in a planetary crisis. Are you ready?
Welcome to discontinuity, population: everyone
Why updating the way we look at the world is so critical now, and so hard, and how we can get better at doing it.
Discontinuity is blowing up, all around us, now, everywhere — and the biggest changes are still incoming.
It's not the end of the world, but it is the end of the world as we've known it. Here's how to make sense of it.
Part One: This is your brain on discontinuity
Announcing a pair of classes on learning how to thrive in an all-encompassing discontinuity.
President Biden's climate plan is not a new beginning, but the culmination of old approaches.
Foresighted strategy in the real world, which is to say a weird world full of discontinuity, deception, and opaque transformations.
A talk given at a conservation meeting a hundred years from now… planetary optimism from Alex Steffen.
An online class this Thursday, about how to make good choices in the face of a planetary crisis.