The first step is thinking more strategically about the planetary crisis is, apparently, sending out the correct URL.
Out there in the foggy, uncertain landscape.Listen now (32 min) | It's time for braver and more innovative conversations about what it means to live in the era of planetary crisis.
Foresighted strategy in the real world, which is to say a weird world full of discontinuity, deception, and opaque transformations.
Why updating the way we look at the world is so critical now, and so hard, and how we can get better at doing it.
Foresight and strategy in upheavalListen now (21 min) | Conflict is not the boundary of possibility but the window into opportunity
Announcing a pair of classes on learning how to thrive in an all-encompassing discontinuity.
How to keep up.Listen now (31 min) | The widespread discontinuities around us are transforming what "staying informed" means.
Speed is EverythingListen now | Why learning to think about action unfolding at a faster tempo is key to understanding the the new outlines of the possible.
Shaping ConflictsListen now (34 min) | How fast action and concentrated disruption may be the keys to bringing people together to face the planetary crisis.
Discontinuities, Ruggedization and Transapocalyptic TruthsListen now (37 min) | Keeping an eye on the big picture, with some help from the IPCC
What We Talk About When We Talk About ActionListen now (15 min) | Why discontinuity means acting to limit the planetary crisis is no longer the center of human engagement with that crisis.
Involuntary DevolutionListen now | The political fallout from the end of The Orderly Transition will hit close to home.