Four perspectives on the Brittleness Bubble and your future.
Book, next newsletters, and a TSF keynote talk.
The politics of tempo are picking up.
New systems for the planet we've madeListen now (16 min) | Reaggregation creates new systems, not just improved versions of old ones.
We are headed into a future past sustainability.Listen now (25 min) | All real sustainability is now disruptive; it's about to become system-shattering.
The Faster It Goes, The Faster It GetsListen now (29 min) | Disruptive sustainability accelerates.
Waking up in The Snap ForwardListen now (42 min) | Understanding when we are is the key to understanding everything else.
We cannot act "too fast."Listen now (13 min) | There is no degree of acceleration of action on climate that'll mean greater losses than gains.
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